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Where do I begin ... I had VPI when I enrolled my then 8 yr old blue heeler cattledog (registered UKC), and 8 yr old greyhound (registered AKC). What a relief to know I had the coverage necessary to help us through the senior years. My greyhound had a slow developing kidney issue - no problem - VPI covered that. My Heeler went blind, took her to an opthalmologist - VPI covered that. My Heeler foudn the garbage can and went to town - pancreatitis - VPI covered that. My greyhound had several skin cancers, VPI covered that. My Heeler started showing signs of brain cancer: seizures, catatonia, dehydration, diarrhea ... VPI covered that. My greyhound went from hero to zero in 3 days - I was able to do all the tests available (ultrasound, x-rays, ultrasound-guided needle biopsy, comprehensive bloodscreen ... we discovered aggressive & inoperable cancer - grapefruit-size in the liver, spleen and a FCE on top of that (emboli of the spinal cord)VPI covered that ... they also covered the euthanasia and cremation of my 2 fur-babies when it came time. My current crew ( a JRT mix, a AmStaff mix and 2 street cats) have had 3 bouts with mast cell tumors (skin cancer, one of my cats has Addison's disease - very rare in cats - and VPI has been there every step of the way. No, I don't have wellness coverage, it's not adequate given the rates charged at vet clinics, but I have the medical coverage and would recommend it EVERYDAY ... my point is ... stuff happens, medicine is expensive ( I should know, I'm a vet nurse!) and no it doesn't matter whether your pet is pure-bred or a mutt from from the shelter - a crisis is never planned, but having VPI means you can go the distance and know you have done everything in your power to help your best friend/s - isn't that what they deserve? No regrets.

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