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We found out about pet insurance the wrong way, we had owned our puppy for two months when we found out that our then 8 month old english bulldog puppy needed exploratory surgery to remove a forign object from her stomach. The bills for this diagnosis and surgery easily exceeded 7,000.00. Lola had her surgery, we ended up paying for all of it out of pocket; We did not have pet insurance and really were not aware of it untill we were sitting in the waiting room at the University of Minnesota when we saw information on other forms of pet insurance. We researched many companies and found VPI to be the best fit for our pet, so after her surgeries at our expense we made the call and added Lola onto a VPI Pet insurance plan. Today Lola is 4 years old, and had been in great health with the exception of a few ear infections, which are covered under our plan, but in October she tore her ACL. ACL surgery is expensive anywhere from 900.00 to 3000.00. Becasue we had VPI pet insurance they paid almost the whole surgery bill of 1,200.00! (we have a 50.00 deductable)! This was incredible. We can't put a limit on our pets health because they have become very important parts of our lives and therefore would recommend VPI Pet Insurance to anyone who has a dog or cat, they like people can have unexpected health issues that are other wise very very costly. Pet Insurance is very affordable especially when you figure the cost of an office visit alone and we just would never be without. VPI is easy to work with, they reimburce you quickly and even care enough to send out an email or call to check on your pet! We purchased an American Bulldog last March and added her to the plan as well, her shots and spay were covered under their wellness plan, this was great as well because puppies can be very expensive their very 1st year. We have been with VPI Insurance for over 3 years now and we are very happy and pleased with their service, I do and would reccommend it to any pet owner. Thanks VPI!

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