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Last August my Golden Retriever, Ivy, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After consulting with several Vets, I took her to Wayne Berry in Irvine for evaluation. (All three Vets recommended him highly). Dr. Berry informed me that without surgery to remove the tumor, she would only live for about 6-9 months. With surgery I was buying her 2-4 years. Ivy is 10. We opted for the surgery, knowing she may not be the same afterward, however Dr. Berry assured us any changes would be minimal. She came through with flying colors! Perfect recovery, she is 100% the same dog and I am very grateful. Part of my fear was not being able to afford the cost of this surgery even though I had VPI as her insurance. I was wrong! VPI not only paid a significant amount of the surgery, but they did it within a couple of weeks!! They have been wonderful in their follow up with medications and re-visits, mailing checks to me in no time. Would I recommend VPI? You bet! They were there when Ivy and I needed them and I am very thankful. Thank you, VPI!!!!!!

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