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Our sheltie Maggie Mae has been insured with VPI for almost her entire life of 9.5 years. Our experience with VPI has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of both the extent of coverage and the company services provided. Besides the annual physicals and accompanying testing, over the years Maggie has been diagnosed and treated for a number of conditions, including Lyme Disease (three times), protein-losing nephropathy (PLT), a malignant skin tumor (hemangiopericytoma), hypertension, and chronic valvular disease (CVD). These have involved specialist visits, extensive testing, and even several surgeries. I have carefully monitored the stated limits on coverage and found that VPI has responded consistently, promptly, and fairly to our submitted claims. And especially important: our veterinary expenses have been significantly reduced by this coverage. This track record has given us a great deal of peace of mind! I can also say that my telephone dealings have always been handled by polite and helpful customer service agents too. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse VPI. Would that I could be so positive about our own health insurance and local utilities companies....

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