The best there is, period!

Out of 10

Before purchasing pet insurance, I did a LOT of I do with any investment...and because I'm a huge dork and over-protective puppy mom. :)
Embrace has the best ratings because they simply have the best policies and company out there!

We've had 2 claims this year, one for Wellness coverage and one for an emergency. Both times it was so easy to get them the paperwork and we got our money SO FAST!

The company is a JOY to work with!!! (If only human insurance was this good!)
They keep you updated all along the way of your claim status. They are so nice and genuinely love pets!

Honestly, Embrace is a good pet investment. Period.

In the emergency claim that we had, our pup ingested a foreign body and had to have surgery and it was horrendously expensive and the vet required payment immediately!

We put the surgery payment on a credit card trusting that Embrace would take care of him and they did. We got our claim payment SO FAST!

And that reimbursement alone will pay for his monthly premium for about 3 years!

You will be happy with Embrace. I am positive!

(: Lia Solursh :)

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