Worst company ever!

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I have had this insurance company for almost 8 yrs now. My three oldest cats are 14. Through out the years when i filed a claim..(which was practically never)..this company never wanted to pay..they used everything they could to not pay and finally if they did it wasn't the 80% of what i was owed it was more like 1% when they got done tearing the claims apart. Last year i changed my 3 younger cats over to another insurance company..my older ones i had no choice but to stay with petshealth. The last claim i made was a legitimate claim for a sick cat..the company said that this was for a pre existing condition...(my cat is a kidney failure cat)..i never filed claims on this after the first year knowing it wasn't covered after the initial policy period..(which is ridiculous anyway). Okay,,so my cat was vomiting from eating some plastic..the vet did some xrays and bloodwork..this company said the blood work wasn't covered and my vet charged to much for the xrays..THIS TIME.. i fought them for my money..reported them to the better business bureau. NOW>>>i get registered letters in the mail stating my cats will no longer be covered and they are not renewing my policies. Because of my cats ages i can't get coverage for them anywhere. All this company wants to do is take your premiums and when it comes time to pay anything at all they try to find all the ways to get out of paying.
Save your money and put it away for your pets emergency because with this company you'll have no money and no reimbursment for anything either.

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