Facing large vet bills

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Last summer I was walking with my thirteen year old pointer mix,
Barkis, when he unexpectedly yelped in pain and didn't want to put any

weight on one of his back legs. An X-ray revealed that he had

actually broken his leg; he had bone cancer. It was a devastating

diagnosis. After leg amputation and chemotherapy, however, he is now

playing in the snow and enjoying every day with inspirational gusto.

Without insurance, it would have been very difficult for me to face

the magnitude of the vet bills. I am so grateful that he was able to

get the very best medical care, and that Barkis continues to be such

an important part of my life. Thank you.

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Posted: 02/02/2010

I am so glad you were able to get your entire 80% back of your ENTIRE out of pocket cost. They paid all of it back with no problem? They didn't exclude costs or say these things "exceeded" reasonable costs? If you did you must be the only one with this policy that this has happened with.