ASPCA/Hartsville has been the best investment !!!

Out of 10

One comment I must make has to do with review sites in general. Negative reviews will always be the worst cases imaginable and usually outnumber positive responses because it is human nature to complain rather than praise.
Anyways, we have had ASPCA for our 3 dogs for just about two years. We have filed numerous claims and most have been accepted. The denied ones were for reasons stated in the policy. Even the ones that were accepted were reduced somewhat as it always is with insurance. But over the last two years we have been reimbursed 3.5:1 versus our premiums. We have had claims for infections, viruses, cancer and bloat all reimbursed proportionally. In my opinion, any reimbursement over and above the premium is a good investment.

Would I get pet insurance for one animal, probably not. I would rather save money in a pet emergency fund. But when you have multiple pets, insurance is a great safety net especially if more than one pet gets stick at the same time.

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