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This is my first experience with pet health insurance. I researched the choices carefully (I do research for a living!) and decided on Embrace for a number of reasons, but one of the key reasons was that they did not have a schedule of how much they would reimburse for specific procedures. I wanted to be able to choose the vet providing care for my dog on the basis of skill and reputation, not cost. I was hoping that I would never need to use this insurance, but this year I feel extremely fortunate that I made the investment. My dog was diagnosed with bloat, and condition that can be fatal within a couple of hours. It required three visits to the vet, including one to an ER at 1 a.m. My dealings with the Embrace claims people have been wonderful. They are prompt, knowledgeable, courteous, and caring. Within less than a week of submitting three claims electronically, they informed me that (subject to co-pays and deductibles) everything was covered. I have another appointment with my vet, and I have peace of mind knowing that I won’t have concerns about cost in the back of my mind as we discuss my dog’s health.

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Standard Poodle

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1 - 8

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