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I researched 3 different pet insurance and after reading all of them I decided on Pet Plan Why? They had the best of everything. I liked that I could design my own plan on coinsurance and deductible. Also they did not have a specific dollar amount for each condition. Some of them due have that and with my cat Misty she has different conditions.
She developed visceral mast cell disease(intestinal cancer) the year I got the insurance. Before being diagnosed her bills were almost $5,000.00. The following year besides cancer she developed kidney disease, heart condition (hypertension) and also had two absesses on both of her teeth. The teeth cannot be pulled because of the anastesia and cancer.

Pet Plan has been wonderful. Filing claims are fast easy and simple. I get my check (s) usually in two weeks but these last two claims were in 1 week.

The people are just so friendly and when they send you emails they always say we are sorry to hear that Misty is not well. I just love Pet Plan. My daughter has her dog and two cats on it and my son is now going to put his dog on it now that they take older animals.

Someone at Pet Plan just asked me how Misty is doing? She is doing so well thanks to her wonderful vet and for Pet Plan going through the difficult times with me. Pet Plan is just so personable with you. I also email with a couple of employees with Pet Plan and they act like they have been your friends for years. In fact one of the employees sent me a picture of her

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Renal (kidney)

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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