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I have a one year old Goldendoodle who was insured by VPI. He went in to the vet at 8 months old with diarehia and he had scratched his eye playing with other pups. the Vet bill came out to about $500. Of this, VPI paid NOTHING. They claimed it was a pre-exisiting condition. Pre-exisiting condition at 8 months old? This pup also came from a VERY GOOD breeder. I dropped VPI on the spot and signed up with Pet's Best. A few months later my pup scratched a section of his neck raw. The vet couldn't figure out why, but the 2 visits to cure him came out to about $400. Of that VPI paid about $230 ( they would have paid more if it weren't for the deductables). They were fast, friendly and I actually think they care about their patients ( our pets). They definately made a loyal costumer out of me. Keep up the great work Pet's Best and help us keep our pets healthy and happy 8)

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