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I moved to San Francisco several months ago but did not bring Reggie, my chocolate brown dachsund, with me. I did not think it was fair to him to move him from a home he grew up in to a small apartment, so he lives with my parents and sisters in Los Angeles. A few days before Christmas, my sister called me in a frantic state and told him Reggie was hit by a car when he ran across the street to play with the neighbors dog. This was very out of character for him. I am glad to say that at that moment the last thing on my mind was how I was going to pay for the medical bills. Reggie ended up needing surgery to remove his very badly broken arm and had to be in the hospital for 5 days. It was a very hard time for us as well as for him. Not having to worry about paying for hospital bills was such a relief. I have had Pet Plan Insurance for many years but thatnkfully I never had to use it. I decided to get insurance for Reggie when he was just a puppy and encouraged several of my friends to do so as well. My friend's have filed claims before and always bragged about the service they received from Pet Plan Insurance so I knew I did not have to worry about hospital bills. I printed my claims form a few days after his surgery and provided to the vet on a Tuesday who I assume faxed it to the insurance company within a few days. By the following week (I believe on Wednesday) the check for my claim was in my mailbox. It took less than a week from receiving my claim to provide me with

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car accident
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