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My college roommate brought Willy home from the animal shelter about four years ago. After having him for a few years, my roommate decided he could no longer care for Willy because of his job and living circumstances. I adopted Willy about a year and a half ago. Willy has become my best friend since I adopted him. There's nothing like coming home from a long day at work to a dog that's happy to see you and is wagging his tail with excitement that you're home.
PetPlan has come through for me and Willy twice now. About 6 months ago he came down with a condition called myelofibrosis. His bone marrow was not producing any new cells and was turning into scar tissue causing severe anemia. It's a very rare condition and frankly, I thought he was a goner. After two blood transfusions and months of medications, Willy's bone marrow started producing cells again. PetPlan covered his initial emergency treatment (almost $3,000) and covered all the bi-weekly blood tests and medications. Each blood test and analysis costs nearly $200 and his medications were almost $200 per month. Willy's latest blood test showed that he is pretty much back to normal. PetPlan covered around $4,500 of expenses.

A few days after this past Christmas, Willy got into a bag of groceries and ate an entire bag of raisins. I did not realize that raisins can be toxic to some dogs. Willy is known to get into garbage and attempt to eat any food in sight, and he usually always feels better a day or so after he g

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