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My twin sister and I are Christian clergywomen,Lutheran tradition. We had visited family and friends in Chicago on our vacation back in 2006. We had to hurry back home because we both had unexpected funerals to prepare. Upon our arrival home on that Sunday evening my cell phone went off. It was our veterinarian. We looked forward to picking our sweet dog up on Monday Morning. We had kenneled our dog with our vet. The vet informed us that our beloved Springer Spaniel/ Burnese Mountain dog Poncho, was not doing well. We went to see him and he was completely paralyzed. Our vet suggested we get him to the Emergency Vet clinic. A wonderful surgeon, Dr. Reimer discovered Poncho had blown a disk which caused the serious paralysis.This godly man performed surgery and saved our wonderful dog. The sugery, hospitalization etc. cost over $4,000. We learned about this wonderful insurance and purchased it and it has been a blessing ever since. Our sweet Poncho passed away last Summer 2010. Our cat Toby was a stray and a wound manifested on his left flank. Several antibiotics, vet visits, and surgery but the wound would not clear up. CT Scan showed he needed more intensive surgery. Dr. Reimer performed the touchy surgery. A three inch twig was removed which was near his aorta. Dr. Reimer said that when he was a stray, he must have impaled himself on a branch. ASPCA insurance and especially the Continuing Care plan was a great blessing for us and Toby.

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See above story. Wound on his left flank. Two surgeries, DT Scan, many antibiotics
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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