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I have been with 2 different vets and each time i would get script renewed,the amount that was allowed was always lower than the amount I paid. I once had a script that the cost was lower than the previous month, and they still lowered the acceptable amt. When I called them up on it they just kept repeating the policy. When I questioned them that the previous month was higher allowed than the this months lower one they had no answer and were very short with me. When my expiration date came around they would not let me go to the next level like they had stated a few months prior. They told me to wait till mine expired and call them the next day and they would move my one dog to the next leve to continuous care, Now she has to be free of the the illness for 180 days before anything can be submitted. So, you get 80% of what ever they think is customary at that time no matter what your cost at the vet was prior. If I know that was the way they worked, I would not have signed up with them to begin with. I am now seeking other options. You should too.

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