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When our Ori-Pei Tula began limping and was unable to put her leg down we knew something was seriously wrong. She was only 3 years old it couldn't be old age yet. After getting her checked out by our local vet the diagnosis was evident she would need surgery to repair her torn ACL in her little leg (not a cheap procedure) Neddless to say we were so thankful for insuring her with VPI pet insurance. VPI was a life saver not only did they get her claim resolved efficiently but also with no hassles. There is no way we would have been able to afford the entire surgery, and VPI made it a little easier to breathe again and actually gave us time to nurse her back to health without the worries a large hospital bill hanging over our heads. We have referred VPI to all of our friends and family and are proud to be part of their plan!! Tula is slowly healing and is happy that she has great people looking after her and her health plan =)

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