Second premium increase in less than 2yrs

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I can agree with many reviews that claims are quick and easy, but at what expense. I have been with VetInsurance for less than 2yrs and have only had to claim 5 minor vet issues with my dog. Since I enrolled with Vetinsurance my premiums have increased over 50%. They claim it is inflation, I find this hard to believe vet visits, medication and treatment have increased over 50% in less than 2yrs. I just don't like to be lied to. To all those new customers, please be aware of this.....

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Posted: 04/25/2010

Puleese, Alex at Turpanion/Vet insurance - tell me when your rates ever went "down".

Posted: 02/21/2010

A friend of mine has had 2 premium increases in just over 2 years and is now paying $10 more than I am. She enrolled her dog as a puppy (under 1 year) and I just did so. When my friend called VetInsurance to ask why I was paying so much less - if the premium is determined by "inflation", she was told I could expect an increase within 6 months to 1 year. You sure have to read the fine print!! All I heard - from my vet (is he involved in Vet Insurance??)was that the premiums would not go up because of claims.
However, it seems they will go up without any claims! In fact, reading the policy, they reserve the right to make any changes they want - albeit with 30 days notice.

I'm wondering if I should cancel and just put the money into a savings account!

Posted: 01/26/2010

I'm enrolled with petsecure and thinking of switching to this company. petsecure has changed their premium due to the same reason once but the second time they changed how their coverage works so I had to pay more again.The price increasing goes to all company.

Posted: 01/28/2010

Premiums are determined by the local costs of pet health care, the breed of your pet, and its age at the time of enrollment (which allows each pet owner to have the best value for their specific pet). We assure you that your premiums won’t increase nor will your coverage be restricted due to your pet aging or the number of claims made. Your rates will change periodically (up OR down) only as the cost of pet health care changes. Trupanion/Vetinsurance never penalizes responsible pet owners for having unlucky pets. This means your rates won’t increase and your coverage won’t decrease after you submit claims nor because your pet reaches a certain age.

Posted: 10/15/2010

What is meant by "5 MINOR vet issues"?? How much did the vet charge--did HE think they were minor issues??