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We have insured our dogs with VPI since the 1980's (5 dogs in all) While we do find their payment and coverage schedule difficult to follow and reimbursements unpredictable, we have kept several of our loved dogs alive through their assistance. In the late 1980's our cockapoo had lymphoma and was treated with the early form of canine chemotherapy, she lived to be 16. Our Australian Shepherd also had lymphoma and had 9 months of chemotherapy. She also lived to be 16. Our German Shepherd had a back injury requiring surgery, which prolonged his life as well. All of these treatments were paid for in part by VPI. More recently, our Staffordshire terrier mix was diagnosed with lymphoma. He had two years of very successful chemotherapy. We would have never been able to afford the treatment without VPI's assistance. Unfortunately, we could not always predict what would be paid and early on in his treatment the reimbursements were very slow in coming. After the first year or so, VPI increased their staffing and were more prompt in sending reimbursements. We did have to challenge the final payment when our dog had to be put down. It was uncertain whether he had injured his back or had a recurrence of the cancer. While at the emergency clinic, he was treated for both, but VPI did not initially pay for both. After challenging the payment and obtaining additional explanation from the vet, VPI did return a portion of the cost. Most recently, our Chow/Lab mix had to have her eye removed. I was informed that she was not covered for glaucoma, but would be only if it was secondary to some other illness. Sadly, the eye was cancerous, so they ultimately did reimburse us for a portion of the surgery. Our most recent dog, a labradoodle, came to us from my son's home. She had a benign lump on her back. Before VPI would insure her, we were required to get a biopsy. The needle biopsy was not inexpensive, but proved it was a fatty tumor. VPI would not insure her unless we totally removed the fatty tumor. We therefore insured her with Pets Best without difficulty. When she had a subsequent unrelated illness, Pets Best paid very promptly. All in all, I think VPI has improved their service, but I would recommend a simpler method of determining what is covered up front. I recommend all pet owners have pet insurance, it improves our pets' quality of life significantly.

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