Better than all the rest - but read your policy!

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The continual communication is fantastic. They are top of the line in keeping in touch once a claim has been initiated. I didn't read closely enough and didn't get as much out of my first clainm as I could have - not their fault! it was all there; I justmissed it. That's why I noted in the One-line Summary to read your policy. There are two different parts they pay on: Wellness and Illness. One you need to get a physical within the 14 day waiting period; one you just need vet records. I didn't "get" that. So, when I needed coverage for a claim that was covered for both situations, I qualified for one but not the other. Embrace was wonderful, though, as any other pet insurance company would have just used it as a way to get out of paying anything on the claim. They contacted me, told me what had happened and why they couldn't cover one part but also that they were going to split the claims apart so I could get reimbursed for the part I did qualify to receive a benefit. That was amazing! I faxed the information they needed to complete the process and received my check, even with all the confusion of coverage, in three weeks from my vet visit. They really are better than all the rest.

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