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Having recently switched from VPI, I was absolutely amazed at how transparent and uncomplicated the claim process was. Sure, the two policies I got for my dogs cost approximately 15% more than their VPI counterprts, but I have already more than made up the difference. For example, Embrace's routine-care (wellness) coverage actually costs just as much as the other insurance company. However, I was actually shocked to have received a 100% reimbursement from Embrace up to the policity limit of $200, when I was used to receiving very, very small portions back from VPI (e.g., $15 for a $65 shots as well as for a $95 exam, $10 for a $60 test, etc.). I used to get about $40 to $50 back from VPI, but I actually received $200 from Embrace! Wow, what a difference, for the same premium. I am definitely happy with Embrace. The ONLY thing, though, is that they might sometimes be a bit disorganized... I have sent in the same paperwork (NYS insurance waiver?) twice already, and they have just asked me to send them another copy because they couldn't locate one. While this has not affected my claims, it doesn't exactly scream, "We are organized!"

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