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I was just denied my claim for a UTI/Urinary obstruction. I purchased the policy only because they specifically told me that the UTI would absolutely be covered even though my cat has had one before. This is apparently not true. They lied to me and i will be cancelling my policy and NOT recommending Sheltercare to anyone. If your animal has had ANY preexisting conditions they WILL not cover it!!!! Dont be fooled like i was, it took them 20 business days for them to even tell me i wasnt getting back anything! They should be proud!

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Posted: 03/30/2010

Unfortunately this is how all insurance companies operate. The only way to know ahead of time what exclusions you would have is by having them request your pets medical records be looked at before they sign you up. Also, any insurance company will exclude pre-exsisting conditions. They shouldn't have lied about that though.

Posted: 12/17/2009

Don't buy petfirst theIr deductible is per illness.We spent out of pocket 355.1 for 2009 for 2 chihuahua and received back 123.5. Our premiums are 65.00 a month or 780/yr.

Posted: 01/04/2010

New Developments: After submitting a claim to the BBB, petcare said it would still be denied because of restrictions in my paperwork stating urininary anything would be excluded. I went through all the paperwork i had and could not find for the life of me where they had this spelled out. I received new policy paperwork a couple weeks after i was denied and that paperwork suddenly had the restrictions on it. Weird huh I called them out on it and they said yes we always underwrite the policy when you have your first claim. But shouldnt those restictrions been on my originaly paperwork. Apparently according to them no. They have an answer for everything that is for sure. Very disappointed and in the process of reporting them to the insurance board and also the attorney general.