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At age 50, figuring I was ripe for some company, I acquired two littermates from Cat Rescue and a beauty from the give-away bin at the pet store. I suppose because I was so nervous about assuming responsibility for any living thing, I acquired PetsHealth Insurance for medical emergencies. It is deducted from my pay check and I don’t even notice the deduction. All of this was twelve years ago. Two of the cats are now 14, and the other is 12. Last year, one of the littermates and the long hair beauty developed thyroid cancer, and I was totally unprepared to absorb the cost of 1) the surgery and 2) the radiation treatment that the second one had to have because she had already lost so much weight, PetsHealth answered my claims within a month after I filed them, and I am happy to report that both girls are now healthy again.
I know I won’t have them forever. I also know that cat owners often throw money away on junk but balk at the important health care costs that insure a happy cat. I’m a firm believer in having health insurance on any pet that I own, first because I am not even remotely wealthy, and second, because it would be immoral not to. Veterinary costs often seem as high as medical costs, and very few of us can absorb the costs out-of-pocket. I am so grateful that I had my PetsHealth insurance Plan to cover Cosima’s and Babette’s medical emergencies.

Jim Carmichael
Greensboro, NC

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