Too Many Changes and Inconsistent Service

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I've had a VPI policy for going on 6 years now. In general, I have been happy with them, but some recent problems have me looking at whether the policy is really worth it. First, I have heard many, many horror stories of VPI denying claims and dropping coverage. Second, I've had some bad experiences with VPI customer service lately (having to call multiple times for an address change or to request updated policy information via mail which I never received). However, it was a recent denial of a claim for something that VPI used to cover that has me looking for a new company. For years, I've paid extra for the "well care rider," an optional coverage that covers things like routine well-care visits and (previously) dental cleanings. I've used the dental cleaning coverage in the past and was very happy that it was paid for. During a recent call to VPI to change my address, I verified that I still had a well-care rider and was told that I did. However, when I went to recently submit a bill for a teeth cleaning, I was denied. I was told by VPI that the "well care rider" no longer existed and that the new rider that replaced it did not cover teeth cleaning. I disputed the denial, noting that I had never been informed of this change in riders. VPI basically told me to take a hike, so now I'm looking for a new company or trying to decide if I just want to scrap pet insurance completely and put the money each month into a savings account. Reimbursements used to be fair, but lately they are paltry at best and deny quite a bit. And the company seems to be getting shady, changing things at a whim and not notifying customers. I don't have the time to go through reimbursement schedules with a fine-tooth comb. Any suggestions?

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