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I am hot and cold on VPI. They covered my Persian’s compressed spine surgery, but I have a very hard time getting reimbursed when any of them need oral surgeries or dental work. In addition, they covered my Persian’s PSKD for the first 5 years then said it was a “genetic predisposition” so they stopped covering her cancer. Funny it wasn’t a pre-existing issue until VPI starting having to pay for her treatments 5 yrs later. They also covered my 1 of my Persian’s heart murmur, but when my other cat got a heart murmur 3 yrs later again said they both have “genetic predispositions” and would not cover anything. The specialist said VPI was “WRONG, and they both should be covered according to VPI’s own guidelines.” I fought for a year over this, but eventually gave up like they wanted.

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