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I've been with PetCare Quick Care Gold 90% since I got my dog as a puppy about 5 years ago. They have reimbursed me every time that I submitted a claim. Recently, when my dog had a major neurological surgery, I contacted customer service first to determine if they would cover the surgery. They said yes and even said that they could send the check directly to the vet, thus lowering up-front the out-of-pocket cost I owed to the vet. (The vet wouldn't do it, so I had to pay the full amount myself).
Note - I see comments about the cancer issues and PetCare and I cannot comment on the accuracy of those statements. Fortunately I haven't had experience with this and I hope I never need to submit a cancer claim for my dog; but if this is true, that is very disappointing for PetCare.

I purchased PetCare after comparing all the insurance companies that I knew of at that time. I chose Pet Care because their price was good, they claim to cover hereditary/congental illnesses, and they said that if I purchase the PetCare insurance before my pet reaches a certain age, then they can't ever drop my insurance or deny me coverage after a certain age (ie dog becomes a senior). Generally, they just seemed to have the least red tape of all the companies I researched.

The Bad - My premium has gone from $37/month 5 years ago to a whopping $59/month this year. :-0 Also, the $3000 LIFETIME maximum is pretty low. They offer $6000, but for DOUBLE the premium. yep - that's double. Also, they have a pretty hefty deductible per incident. Not sure if it's $50 or $100, but it's up there. So if you take your dog in for an upset tummy and the vet charges you $250 for a checkup and basic meds, you only get back $150.

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Posted: 12/17/2009