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My cat Max is just a bit over 2 years old now, and we've had our fair share of adventures. He used to be an outdoor / indoor cat and last summer he disappeared for two weeks. I was devistated. He came back two weeks later with a badly broken leg that required orthopedic surgery. If I hadn't had vet-insurance at the time, I don't know what I would have done. The total was more than 6000 and I only paid about 600 (which was still a lot for me, but totally worth it to have my little guy back) just a few weeks ago he started acting very strangely, afraid of his own shadow and really jumpy. The vet thinks he might have post traumatic stress, and now he's on kitty-prozac, which isn't covered. I was disappointed to hear that, and also there is no coverage for dental cleanings. If I wanted to change the insurance policy, they would consider his behavioural problem as pre-existing, so I can't really change. I am basically happy with vet-insurance, and have recommended it to friends, but I wish there was dental and behavioural medicine coverage.

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