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From my very first encounter with PetPlan, I have found its employees to be exceptional. When my rescued cat Dudley had emergency surgery for inner ear blockages, I was a total "basket case" and didn't even call PetPlan until I knew he was OK.
From that time on, my great "helper", Amy Bellingrath called every once in a while, just to "check on Dudley." She also personally guided me through the process of getting the information to PetPlan.

The time came, though, when I got an Email reminding me that I hadn't submitted the initial claim form! A day later I received a call from Tine Hittinger, who not only walked me through filling out that form, but once I faxed it, called me within a half hour to assure me that she'd received it and to let me know exactly how much I would receive (almost the entire amoung after my deduction, including Dudley's follow up visit)!

This company is so unusual, accommodating, friendly and knowlegable that they make me wonder why "human" insurance companies can't do as well! PetPlan made the difficult time so much easier, and I recommend the company with absolutely no reservation.

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Posted: 10/12/2009

I currently have ASPCA pet ins. and am looking to change immediately after reading the disturbing reviews. I was just about to go with VPI until I stumbled across Petplan. They seem so "up front". For about the same annual as ASPCA I can get 90% reimb.w/200.00 deduct. Their coverage is so much better.