I wish my kids could have PetPlan!

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I am so impressed with PetPlan.
Last year our much loved six year old Spanish Water Dog, Llyr, died. We spent 11 months and thousands of dollars trying to diagnose his condition. In the end, we had no answers and a dog sized hole in our lives.

When we bought our new Labradoodle puppy, Galen, in February, I decided that I never again wanted to make a decision about medical treatment for my dog based on the cost of the vet bills. I bought her PetPlan insurance. My husband laughed. My friends laughed. My mother laughed.

When Galen was only 7 months old, while we were on a camping trip, she began having severe mouth pain. Two months later she's still fighting a "retrobulbar abscess"--an infection behind her eye. She's been hospitalized twice and has had Xrays and CT scans and surgery. She requires a pharmacy worth of medication every day. The wonderful vets at North Carolina State University Vet School have been working hard to save both her life and her eye. She's had health care that's unavailable to most of the world's people.

I was really worried, as things got worse and worse, that there would be a "catch" somewhere in PetPlan's insurance. After all, health insurance for people is full of "catch" after "catch". However, PetPlan has exceeded all my hopes. Not only have they paid every single claim in a timely manner, but the one time that a mistake was made with a signature on a check they Fed-Ex'd a replacement check--and an apology. My dog has better health insurance than my children. And that's saying something!

I'm a PetPlan customer for life. My husband isn't laughing. My friends are not laughing. My mom still chuckles, but since her goats wear diapers and come in her house, we don't take her too seriously.

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