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I have worked for a vet for almost 10 years, so I never needed insurance for any of my pets. I will be leaving him to relocate this year. So, not knowing where the closest vet would be and where I would be working, we decided to get pet insurance. I called and spoke to 6 different companies. Most of them had extended hours and I was able to call after work. Embrace was the only company that I found hard to get a hold of and almost just excluded it as an option. After looking at the other companies that I had chosen, I narrowed it down to 24PetWatch’s insurance. However, after calling them back, I decided against it as they told me that if my puppy had a ongoing issue, they wouldn’t cover it past that policy period unless it was deemed cured and remained cured for 180 days. I was sitting at home debating with my fiancé with what we should do… nothing seemed to appeal to us. That’s when we decided to give Embrace a call. The customer service was UNREAL!! I called 8 or 9 times within 2 days to ask silly questions, and not once did anyone get aggravated or annoyed with me. In fact, they encouraged me to call with any questions I may have. When I call in now, they know me and immediately want to know if my puppy is ok. As far as I understand, Embrace is a GREAT company, as long as you get the insurance before ANY problems arise. I’ve heard that if something happened before insurance, and something similar happens after the insurance, no coverage. For instance, diarrhea is a common issue of puppies in a new household… due to environment changes, food changes, even intestinal worms. If that puppy has diarrhea 6 months later, he isn’t covered because it’s a “pre-existing”… even though the reason for the diarrhea is completely different. So, if you are looking at insurance for a puppy that has had NO problems, this is a GREAT program! However, if you want to get it for a dog that has had ANY problems, I would recommend you do a Medical History Review with them! They will get the past 2 years history on your pet, and then let you know what they will not cover. The problem with this is that you have to be insured before they do this for you… but you have a 30 day money back guarantee if the plan will not cover what you want it to cover.My puppy has the wellness coverage, and luckily, that’s all I’ve had to use so far (for neutering and microchipping, and a couple vaccines). Since I work for a vet, that $200 takes me pretty far. =)
Pet Insurance is all about preference… what you want it to cover, what is “pre-existing”, how much you are willing to pay, and where you live.

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