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I got coverage with PetFirst over 2 years ago, and have been HAPPY ever since. I recommend them to everyone I see!! I even leave their pamphlets at my vets office. The rates were half the cost 2 years ago, and they have since doubled their prices (which I was not happy with), but they are STILL reasonably priced, I have 3 policies with 3 pets on each. They have covered many different problems without question. On 2 occasions, my vet called them to explain the condition and they paid the same day. They are there for me when we need them (even when I suspected they may not be). They are friendly, helpful, and WAY BETTER than the VPI coverage I had in the past. (VPI was expensive, rates went up every year, they denied claims, and took forever to pay. NOT SO with PETFIRST!! YAY!!!) Less stress when dealing with paying for an emergency, and we dont have to make healthcare decisions based on $. I just wish that upgrading coverage would not make the previous years incident not covered anymore. But, ya cant have everything I guess... I'm still VERY happy.

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