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After paying out of pocket for cancer treatment for my cat, I decided to get pet insurance and got VPI based on a brochure at the emergency vet clinic. The insurance was for my 4 year old Persian male. Within a year, he was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I submitted the bills and was reimbursed quickly. When I submitted for his one year follow up with the cardiologist, it was denied, based on increase risk in the breed (which is true). But when I called and pointed out that they payed last year,they reversed the decision and paid every year afterward. Unfortunately, this same cat developed a squamous cell carcinoma. After the deductible and a few exclusions which did not amount to much, they reimbursed me quickly (I like the online form and no need for vet signature). Because of the insurance, my cat was treated. Sadly, this gained us only a couple of months. I hope after two cats with cancer, I nevet have another. I did get the extra premium cancer coverage.

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