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I adopted my dog Bene' two and half years ago from a shelter. She has filled my life with so much unconditional love I can't imagine her not in it. I got insurance for her immediately knowing the routine veterinary expenses can be costly. In August of this year, I adopted a kitten from a (what I found out afterwards to be) unreputable shelter. She came without being spayed and infested with ringworm. Both Bene' and I caught the ringworm as well. The kitten had to be quarantined for 3 months in my back bathroom. Some $3,000 later between vet, meds for Bene' and BooKaay compounded with Dermatologist and meds for me we all survived this ordeal. Thank goodness I had health insurance on Bene' at the time it eased some of the financial burden. I also have a policy on my kitten to cover her expenses with the vet etc.
I would say overall the policy coverages are fair to good. The customer support people are wonderful and helpful. My only concern is what Hartville considers "fair and allowable". The vet expenses are somewhat higher here where I live versus somewhere else in the country. I feel that they should take less of a harder line with pet issues and related expenses than is now in place. Bene' was diagnosed with a luxating pitella at about 10 month old.

I filed a claim only to be denied saying it was a congenital conditon that is not covered. My vet said that it was not the case. We both appealed the claim only to be told Hartville would not cover the expenses which

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luxating pitella (one of many claims)
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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