Embrace Treats Our Pup Like Family

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The past eight months have been quite challengeing emotionally for my husband and I. Our 3 yr old boxer, Mable has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease, high blood pressure and they found a mass growing on her jawbone. Luckily we have a great vet and Embrace to help us through the many surgeries. Mable is like an actual child to us and we would do whatever it takes to keep her healthy. Thankfully, Embrace has helped us through financially without hassle. Not only have they not denied us on reimbursement but, they ask how she's doing and send belly rubs and kisses! Their support is warm and sincere and I couldn't recommend a better insurance provider for your child...I mean pet!

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Posted: 08/11/2009

Katie, I know what you mean, and your right , im so glad i found embrace pet insurance and i tell everyone about them. I have hearfd from others that there pet insurance is not great and there not happy with it so I tell them to get embrace pet insurance. i Have embrace send packages to my vets office and there gone already they need morewell, they are your children right or like your children.

Sherry Mastromarino 8/11/09