French Bulldog's major surgery: all okay

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French Bulldogs are notoriously cute, and our Mimi is the cutest of the cute, but even more importantly she is a lovely, shining soul, which will not surprise you dog lovers out there. We carefully searched the internet for an insurer as soon as she came into our lives, we picked Petplan, and crossed our fingers.
And so: we were on a short trip when Mimi fell ill. It was her first boarding experience (though she was boarding with our stately and loving Bull Mastiff, Lily, who has bonded firmly with her little buddy). Luckily, our kennel is superb and on-the-24-hour-ball. She was immediately taken to our local vet hospital (a marvelous place), and--by now we were rushing back home from the Midwest--as her condition worsened (pneumonia, with complications), our kennel's owner and our vet decided to ambulance her to the vet hospital at the University of California at Davis, which locally we think of as kind of the Mayo Clinic of animal hospitals. She was put in a daunting stainless steel oxygen chamber in intensive care (with a nurse/dog ratio of two dogs per one caring, sweet, and dedicated nurse). To make a long and scary story short, she was in ICU, near death, for almost a week, had to be operated on to remove an abscess that was preventing recovery, and when we visited her in the hospital our hearts sunk at the sight of this perky pup in such deep trouble. But! Two days after her operation we drove her home, she stepped gingerly out of her carrier, greeted her large buddy Lily and immediately got on with life. (We on the other hand, as humans must, dealt with emotional hangovers for, oh, a couple of weeks.)

Here's what we want to say about Petplan. They have been kind, attentive, and they have fulfilled the terms of our plan without question. If you read the story above, you will know that many dollars were involved in the saving of Mimi's life. Petplan always gave us the impression that they were more interested in that than in the dollars. We couldn't be more pleased and are recommending them to our friends and vets and you.

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