so far, so good =)

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I just switched to Embrace last February for my almost 4 y/o pug.
I must say their notification process are very good. They email you to confirm receipt of claims and results of claims so you dont have to wonder whatever happened to it. You can also submit claim via email which is very very convenient instead of mailing it or faxing it.

They give you really good reminders. If they didnt remind me of that orthopedic exam to waive the waiting period from 6 months to the date of the exam, I wouldn't have been able to do it and have to wait for that 6 months period.

Their claim response was really fast! I emailed my claims on Sunday, got response by Monday, and got an email Tuesday saying my refund is in the mail!!!

The customer reps are also very friendly and very accommodating.

I hope they keep this up!

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