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I adopted dodger in January from a local kill shelter. After hearing stories about the extremely high cost of vet care in Los Angeles, I decided to find a pet insurer.
Few months later, Dodger had his first visit to the vet for a goopy eye, and a little limp. The goop was pink eye, no problem. The limp wasn't so little. The limp turned out to be diagnosed as a Luxating Patella. My poor boy's knee cap couldn't stay in place, he is just a year and a half and already had arthritis, and needed surgery.

In comes Pet Plan USA. They covered his luxating patella, a congenital condition that other plans do not cover. They saved my dog, and my bank account! The vet and surgeon sent in my completed claim forms after each visit. Within a day or two I received an email from Pet Plan wishing Dodger well, and that my claim was being processed.

Pet Plan saved me almost $3,000! I received the check within 4 weeks of Dodger's surgery, and with no hassle. I recommend this insurance to every pet owner!

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