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I would recommend this company to anyone interested in pet insurance. My chihuahua, corgi mix had an emergency splenectomy (removal of spleen) after a tumor the size of an orange that was attached to the spleen had ruptured and almost killed him. My vet bills totalled right at $5,000 and I got just about half that back ($2,383.00). I got the insurance for my dog because he is older and I knew serious things would start to arise (cutoff insurable age is 9 years old). I got the insurance when he was 8, he is now 11. I have never had an issue with getting reimbursement and have made several office visit and vaccination claims; all paid within 30 days of submission. I'm am grateful I had the insurance and look at it this way...if we didn't have the insurance, we wouldn't be getting anything back. The idea of pet insurance was brought about to prevent unnecessary euthanasia...without it, I would have had to consider it. I got half my money back and I will have my precious baby a little while longer.

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