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Having watched my 1 ½ year old dog Tobi eat through my couch, 3 remote controls, a few walls, some hats, cloves, the mail, basically anything that she could put her mouth on, I thought it best to have pet insurance. I tried one company who sent me $22.00 on a $180.00 bill at that point I realized I needed a different company. That is when I discovered PetPlan. A few months after signing up, Tobi started limping. X-rays, medicine, and a surgery consult were ordered. I summated my bills to PetPlan and like promised, received the full 80 % back as per my plan. As she continues to have procedures PetPlan continues to pay promptly. Tobi ended up needing surgery. As to not write 40 pages I will just say that PetPlan went above and beyond covering things that they did not have to cover. When they say they are the best company, it is not a false statement. I have never experienced an insurance company so dedicated to doing what is best for the pet. I am floored by how much they care. They have a customer for life in me.

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