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I am very happy with VPI. I have never had pet insurance before--always having adopted older dogs.I always said if I adopted a puppy, I would invest in pet insurance. After researching all the Pet Insurance Companies, I chose VPI. It has the "biggest bang for the buck" out of all the companies I researched. They have the lowest premiums and deductibles, with the largest reimbursement. I have a 6 year old female Golden Retriever named Melanie with multiple chronic health problems---epilepsy, incontinence, sensitive stomach,recurring vaginitis--in addition to the "normal" medical occurances ( UTI's, ear infections,vaccinations, heartworm prevention, etc.). I could never afford to keep Melanie if I did not have this insurance. Even after I pay the premiums and deductibles, I still come out ahead; I get money back that I would never see without the Insurance. Let's be real---you are never going to be reimbursed 100 % for any insurance--not even human health insurance does this. Yes, it may take 2 or 3 weeks to process the claim --but that is not bad at all. I also have the WellCare rider --which reimburses me for vacinations, heartworm preventative, flea preventative, etc.Yes--some things are not covered--hip dysplasia,for example(please forgive my spelling)--but if the company covered everything you could never afford the premiums and the reimbursement would probably suffer as well.Maybe if you have a pet that never goes to the vet except for routine vaccinations, it may not seem worth it. But even if you just keep the catastophic care policy, it would probably be worth it if something happened all of a sudden to your pet. As far as "putting the money you would spend on premiums into an interest bearing bank account"--forget about it! Have you looked at interest rates lately? Even putting aside $32.00 a month( the usual starting premium)--An emergency operation costs at least $500 to $1000 on average. Do you know how long you would have to save that money? I would much rather pay monthly and know that the coverage is there. And if you start as a puppy--there are no "pre-existing conditions". Melanie's epilepsy did not show up until she was 3 years old. It has been covered to the yearly limits of the policy ever since. I know that this review has been rather long-winded, but I tried to cover all my points....I would advise all new pet parents to at least consider VPI.

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