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I decided to go to the breeders house with my sister to see her puppy (just born at the time). I had no plans on getting a dog, I was just going along for company. When I got there and seen all the dogs I feel in love. The breeder informed me that someone backed out last min and there was now a dog available if I was interested. How could I say no! 8 weeks later we went out to get our puppies and I had everything home waiting for her, new bed, blankets,toys, treats,leashes etc. One thing I didn`t think of was Pet Insurance. Our breeder had a Puppy Package ready and informed me that he had signed Mia (what I named my puppy) up for a Pet Insurance Trial Package. That encouraged me to look into it further and seen all the beneifits, and signed her up permently. Some people have the attitude that nothing will happen and if it does then they will just deal with it. I like having the peace of mind that Mia is looked after, I hope I NEVER have to use it, but I sleep better at night knowing that if I need to use it she is going to be well taken care of. The staff at Pet Secure are excellent, they are so friendly and answer all my questions and always ask hoe Mia is doing. I would and do reccommend Pet Secure to anyone that is a pet owner. My little girl is taken care of and that means the world to me!!

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