Very good coverage, price really went up!

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I bought Pets Best insurance as soon as I brought my puppy home. After much research I went with Pets Best Pets First plan and added on their Best Wellness plan. I also paid the additional amount to guarantee the cost would not go up for the first 8 or 10 years. I was hoping to not really use the insurance during the first year! Unfortunately, my dog,Lucky, had some kidney infections and stomach issues. Pets Best did live up to their claims of fast claims settlements. They paid exactly what they had promised when I sign up for the insurance. The only complaint I have about those claims is that they mislabeled the reason for the claim. When I called they said that it was a computer thing and that it did not matter. They did nothing to fix it. Now comes the real complaint with Pets Best. I just got notice that they are being underwritten by Aetna Insurance Company. My insurance went up $149.56 and they are no longer honoring the guarantee price that I had paid extra for when I went with them. Checking around, they are $149.56 higher than the very best plan one of their competitors has. I will be doing more research this afternoon and will probably change companies. If I had to rate the company on my first year's turnaround for claims I would rate them a 9. As far as new cost and not living up to thier promise to hold the line on the price, I would give them a 3!

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