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I have 7 cats , pay out over $1500 a year to vpi and each time i have ever submitted a claim i never know what i am getting back . i call and their plan is complicated and i have spent more of course on insurance than i have ever gotten back, no plan ever tells you how much the price will go up each year as the cats get older , I called pet plan and enrolled two of my cats as the other policies came due at vpi becuase pet plan price was slightly less expensive but now i wonder who you can trust??? I still have not gotten any policy from pet plan and that is 2 months ago that i enrolled two cats . now i am reading thru pet plan and wonder too what restrictions according to your policy means . i never got any policies and was never told about any restictions other than preexisting problems . so what does one do if things are hidden and you dont get all the information till a cat gets sick and then you suddenly find out everything you signed up for is not ture., ????? I emailed pet plan to see if they are going to send me a policy or not and just what restrictions are they suddenly stating online and why does one need a pre authorization form too if they are so good about coverage , why is that hidden away on their website . I am thinking one company is not any better than another, if they decide not to pay for something than they just dont. I dont believe getting indoor cats shots every single year so does that mean i am not covered now becuase every vet makes money on giving animals shots every year when they all really dont need them ? Is this all an insurance scam now for animals. I will see just how good this pet plan company is the first time i try to collect i guess. so VPI WAS ok not great, expensive and confusing to figure out what i get paid back for , BUT PET PLAN seems to be lacking in communication as i have no policies after waiting 2 months after my cats are enrolled and then realized on line hidden are things like pre authorization forms and restrictions .

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