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I have had VPI for many years. It was the only pet insurance I heard of many years ago. To be fair it DID save me a lot of money, because luckily I added the cancer rider to my policies (two dogs) and my costs would have been a lot more if I'd not had insurance. However, now after looking at so many other insurances out there, I realise that VPI is really outdated, confusing, slow to pay if they DO pay, and they don't cover old dogs, AND you cannot add the cancer rider to your policy after your pet is a certain age (when most likely to contract cancer!). I am shopping around now. I told them I was looking at other companies and that I'd most likely be canceling, and even that is difficult. You can't just "cancel", you have to do it in writing, 30 days in advance. So basically you end up paying twice if you do sign up for another insurance company, since most do not cover your pet until at least 15 to 30 days AFTER you have joined a new company (and paid the first premium). They also raised my rates without telling me, and are not good at returning phone calls or emails. VPI is better than not having insurance, and they haven't been horrible, but there are better companies out there!

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