Heroes during a scary time

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Our beloved 14 year old Isabella suddenly started experiencing intense pain and within a week it progressed to screaming pain nonstop where we had to get a slew of scans and tests done at an emergency vet. The quote was a very scary amount of money, and while we could never put a price tag on our Isabella and her health and we would go broke trying to pay her bills, we had tremendous anxiety about how we were going to be able to afford everything she needed in order to get better. Embrace was wonderful. Not only did they pre-authorize everything over the phone as soon as I sent the quote over, but they covered the full amount of the quote ,contingent on what services will actually be used In treating her. To say this was a godsend is an understatement . My husband and I were both unemployed for a long time due to covid, and even during “good times”, paying these bills out of pocket would have crushed us. Embrace and their staff and representatives handled all of this with a level of compassion and empathy and patience that I can only attribute to the fact that they are all pet owners themselves and have probably experienced similar stress and fear and anxiety over their furry family members.

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