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Since my review on 2/8/09, the customer service manager has apologized to me. I was determined to get this resolved and had gotten in touch with their sales manager. HE WAS WONDERFUL! Not only did he listen, he believed me. He then made it his mission to solve the issue. He personally did a conference call with me and my credit card company. They concluded that it was a technical issue between P.B. electronic system and my credit card company's electronic system. My policy was reinstated as if it had never lapsed. I am pleased to say that my claims have been reimbursed, and the offic manager? We have a great rapport she apologized profusely and is now instrumental in getting my claims taken care of. Immediately after this was resolved, I thought, "Maybe hell does occasionally freeze over!" :) I just love it when honest people are heard and given the benefit of the doubt! Thank you for letting your heart get involved!!! I stand corrected regarding Pets Best. You've redeemed youself!

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