VPI has never let me down!

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I have four large dogs insured with VPI and I've had to make claims from two of them having intestinal blockages to one with a torn tendon in his ankle to the most recent when my one female who was going into heat attacked my other female, and the two males joined in and seriously mauled my other female. In every case, VPI has paid my claims, no questions asked. And these have all be really large bills... my kids don't seem to know how to keep it to around three or four hundred dollars... it's always up into the multiple thousands of dollars. I really can't fathom the posts here from the people who say they've gotten such bad service from VPI, because I've made a lot of claims, as I said, certainly not small ones, and I've been more than pleased with the reimbursement as well as the turnaround time.

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