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Our dog fell off our roof top patio when she was a puppy. She ended up with bone chips in her elbow which the vet said would probably bother her when she was full grown. We took her in 2 yrs. to have the chips removed and they discovered that her leg bones did not develop correctly as a result of the trauma. They operated and corrected the problem. Total Bill: $1800 - total paid by VPI - $0. When she was recovering from the surgery we got an ice storm and she slipped on the ice and broke the radius in the same leg. She had to have surgery to set the bone and secure with a metal plate. Total paid with follow ups $700 - total paid by VPI (so far, we are still fighting this one) - $0. They cover $30 a year for wellness - whoopie. My research leads me to change to Petplan. After discussing what they cover, our dog would have been totally taken care of! I am canceling VPI and do not recommend it to anyone who needs good coverage!

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