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Perhaps they think we'll just say oh never mind?they don't get the faxes, they don't get the faxes.. they don't get an email.. give me a break. they will just try to delay it until it passes the deadline for submission.
Do they pay the vets bill? No, they pay.. sometimes....
but what they decide to pay. Is a bill from the vet stamped paid .. qualify as a paid receipt? no, they must have it written their way ..even though each vet has their own invoice style.It is all b...t. I'm very unhappy with them since my first claim. Looking around for another company.. for my pets.. I have several.. I'm told that all insurance companies all awful . that's not encouraging.

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Posted: 02/24/2009

1/10 Delay tatics -- 24 Feb 2009
When I first started filing claims for my two pets they where good at processing the claims in a timely manner. At present. I am still trying to get my $16.50 from them from Dec 2008. I have faxed the required forms two times to Pets Best and even did a follow-up call confirming that they recieved the fax. Guess what I was told today when I called..... The person you spoke with is no longer here and we have no record of your correspondence. Can you please fax the papers again. I am tired of the game that they are playing. I just want what is owed to me and thats it. Maybe they won't lose the papers a third time???