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We have had other insurances for our goldens (VPI)and we found their reimbursement not anywhere in line with what our vet charged. After thoroughly researching and comparing numerous canine insurance company plans and after several calls and emails with their professional customer service, we chose Embrace. We found that Embrace reimbursed according to charges for the area. A month ago and a little shy of 6 months after registering with Embrace, our 3.5 year old golden was diagnosed w/acute pancreatitis. We rushed him to the emergency clinic, since it was the weekend and our vet was not open. Extensive blood testing was done. X-rays were done. He ended up staying a whole day & night on I/V at the clinic, constantly being monitored. The following Monday a.m. they transported him to our vet where the monitoring and I/V continued as well as blood testing. Their customer service is excellent. Claims we faxed were promptly acknowledged via email and reimbursement was received promptly. The bill ended up being over $2000 and Embrace reimbursed us for everything they said they would. Thank you Embrace!

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