Pleased with Petplan Insurance for My Doberman

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My 1 yr old Doberman was diagnosed with pancreatitis during an emergency vet visit late one Sunday night in September. I ended up taking him back for a second visit that same night because of bloody diarrhea and vomiting. My own vet concurred with the diagnosis, and I submitted my claim and the receipts from the emergency clinic and my own vet to Petplan USA. My reimbursement check arrived about 2 weeks later, with no questions asked. I was very pleased with service and the response to my claim.
I've had a different pet insurance for my Dobermans for years, but switched to Petplan USA because they do not exclude treatment of hereditary diseases, of which Dobermans have several. My previous insurance did not cover these conditions, and I had trouble getting claims (for ordinary problems) paid in an expeditious manner. That is why I am so pleased with these recent situation and Petplan's great service.

The customer service representatives I have talked with at Petplan USA are courteous, knowledgeable and very responsive.

I will be happy to recommend Petplan USA to anyone who asks me about pet insurance!

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Posted: 11/16/2008

if you are so pleased with and recommend the plan , why did you give it a nine out of ten?...seems you would give it a ten...please make sense to me...

Posted: 02/15/2009

I agree conrad this the second comment I've come accross with a low rating and nothing but great things to say. Very confusing

Posted: 02/27/2009

9/10 is not low. To me, 10 would be perfect, more than imaginable, etc. 9 is VERY high!

Posted: 02/28/2009

Agreed....I came to this site looking for reviews, and while most for PetPlan are 10s, why is this one a nine? What happened to account for that missing point?? Inquiring minds want to know...

Posted: 03/29/2009

What are you people talking about? 9/10 is extremely good! Rating something a 10/10 means that it is perfect in every way shape and form and can't stand to improve. There is always room for improvement in any company, including one that is apparently really great.